Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd


Digital Leaders

Our digital leaders work really hard to raise the awareness of e-safety throughout the school.  They also do a host of activities to support the development and use of ICT both in and out of school.  


Some of these include:


> the testing of new technologies and reviewing their educational purpose

> teaching and supporting other children and staff

> running coding sessions at lunchtime for their peers

> holding assemblies to communicate important messages and information on digital topics

> working with parents to provide help and support on keeping their children safe online whilst at home

> work in partnership with other schools and outside agencies through collaboration and various other activities


The process of becoming a digital leader is very similar to applying for a job in the real world.  This is to ensure that our children have the opportunity to experience the preparation and procedures involved from both sides of the process.  


The current digital leaders advertise their roles then collect and short list the application forms.  Formal interviews are held and it's the children who make the decisions and inform the candidates.  The whole process is very professional from start to finish and the children thoroughly enjoy the experience.


The children meet for one hour after school every week to plan and carry out their role.  They also give up their own time one lunchtime per week to hold teaching and learning sessions with peers and staff and complete research and assignments at home.

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