Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd


Learning from home

As part of our contingency plan for learning from home all classrooms are on Microsoft Teams.  There is a user guide to help you and your child to navigate the Teams environment and complete work independently.  


All of the Microsoft applications can be accessed and used through Hwb on any internet browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.  Provided consent has been given, the whole Microsoft suite can be downloaded through Microsoft’s website or through Hwb for free on any laptop, PC or Macbook.   To use a mobile device all the apps can be downloaded from any app store.


Your child’s username and password has been emailed to all parents.  Please check access to their account as soon as you can to ensure your child will be able to access their learning from home without interruption.  Please raise any issues with us as soon as they arise.  


All email addresses can be found in our Technical Support section.




Download Team's user guide Technical Support distance learning edited Places to go